Partner and Cooperations 

KBA Sheetfed Solutions AG & Co. KG

KBA, the Worlds No.1 in packaging printing machinery, large size industrial printing equipment and the most flexible provider of customized production lines.

Services we provide to KBA:

  • High-Quality systems integration in existing production workflows
  • Operator Training, Professional Printing Instruction
  • Press Troubleshooting on site
  • Workflow Optimizations
  • Output Quality Enhancement, on site
  • Overall Performance Tuning
  • Stabilization of printing conditions
  • Custom Optimizations of Color-Controls for special operational requirements

System Brunner AG

System Brunner, inventor of offset-printing-standardization and premier supplier of intelligent automation add-ons for industrial process-color printing. Back in 1970’s, System Brunner’s concern was to find ways to ensure consistent process-color reproductions on printing presses. SB originally defined the first sets of printing parameters and corresponding values, as well as proper testing methods and printing-test-forms.
In this sense, makeradySystem Brunner invented Color Management. System Brunner, about 40 years in business, still an evolving company to developing its assets ahead. SB provides the most comprehensive combination of process-control intelligence and advanced to deploy and service its products in the field.

Services we provide to System Brunner:

  • System/Process integration
  • Operator Training
  • On-Site-Troubleshooting
  • Custom System Setups for special operational requirements
  • Deploy In-House-Standards on site

Lithec GmbH

Lithec is a manufacturer of high-quality color-measurement and control options for printing presses. Lithec offers in-line and on-line systems for new printing presses, and retrofit-options to extend the lifetime of existing presses and make them perform like new ones in regards of color stability, makeready and minimum waste-sheets. Lithec also provides state of the art on-line inspection systems for applications, high-demanding on save content reproduction i.e. pharmaceutical and medical printing.

Services we provide to Lithec:

  • System integration
  • Technical Application Support

Print Assist AG

Print Assist AG, based in Hoeri, Switzerland is the Swiss representation of KBA. Print Assist offers the complete KBA-portfolio as well as a wide range of technical and individual customer services.

Services we provide to Print Assist AG:

  • Services similar to KBA Sheetfed SolutionsAdditional:
  • Distribution Support
  • Direct customer support for all printing related issues


Amagoo, formerly Seelitho AG is one of Europe’s premier provider of brand-related package design and realization services. Amagoo offers a wide range of services from media-independent design to media-dependent data preparation and output assurance as well as customer-to-brand interaction and workflow simplification.

The way we work with AMAGOO:

Despite some overlapping in our competencies, we don’t compete. With Amagoo we work on an added-value-model. It is a relationship with higher meaning. It’s about to find new abilities and create possibilities to make printed physical media and intellectual assets more valuable for print buyers and end customers.